EdTech Digest features the Mada Project!

On June 4, 2012 by heartchamber

Great news! Upon her return to Toronto, Deb was asked to do an interview about Lisa’s program for edtech digest. She shares how being asked to travel to Madagascar with Lisa Gustinelli was inspired by her students and how she will take what she learned to continue inspiring!
Her interview link below:


Deborah Sewell is currently working as a teacher at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She has a B.A and a B.ED from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario and is working on completing her Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision at the University of Phoenix on line.

The past 21 years Deborah has been on faculty at Appleby College playing many roles. At Appleby she was hired to start a Drama Program. In three years a programme was established at every grade level and the foundation for Arts at the school was cemented. Deborah’s current assignment is teaching English. She coaches golf and has worked at the Lion’s Foundation for training Dog guides, ran a Community Service Programme with seniors and tutors English as a Second Language to students as well as becoming the Director of ESL summer programming at Appleby. Deborah is a classroom teacher with a passion for layering technology into her classroom. Most currently, Deborah was the Director of English as a Second Language Summer Learning at Appleby College. She wrote, administered and directed the summer program for two years. This program involved six hours of ESL teaching during the day, after school program and evening and weekend activities suited to language learning. Designing, implementing and reworking programming is one of her areas of interest and expertise.


Deb and Lisa have worked together as representatives for Round Square International and have traveled on service projects with students to the US, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand. The Madagascar project will be their first collaborative effort.


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