Lab project for Mandela Village South Africa

On November 28, 2013 by heartchamber

Dear friends,

Last year, the YRS schools of the Americas region worked together towards a common goal; to empower children through education, by supporting my philanthropy Madagascar in my Heart.

The organization has a mission of bringing learning through technology to both children and adults who do not have adequate access to education or technology in order to transform their lives in a positive way.

Because of the fundraising efforts of these member schools, two new technology labs were established in areas of abject poverty in the villages of Sakaraha and Ft. Dauphin, Madagascar.  The previous years’ training was given to students in the Western village of Toliara.  Thank you to the reps of these member schools.

The program is simple.  Space is allotted, computers are donated and teachers give their time to teach students basic computer skills that will enable them to better their lives through education.

I am pleased to announce that the organizers of the 2014 YRS conference along with Brian Dawson have asked me to lead this years’ conference community service project. The project is based on the model of Madagascar in my Heart. St. Camillus School along with the Archdiocese of Pretoria has graciously offered to donate space in which we are able to start a computer center for the children and families of the Mandela and surrounding villages.

This computer center will not only be a place where children and adults can learn computer skills, but more importantly, the establishment of this center will bring hope to the community.

The needs to set up this project:

  1. Twenty computers (these can be used computers which we will “reimage” and make new).
  2. Curriculum; students at YRS schools will make a variety of teaching Powerpoints or movies in order to teach English, culture and basic computer skills to the students.  There is a possibility that the lab will not have Wi-Fi or Internet capabilities, therefore the teaching programs must be such that they can be downloaded on the computer for future use.
  3. Fundraising to help pay for locking cabinets and an alarm system to ensure the security of the computers as well as possible construction of a lab classroom.

If your school is able to help with the support of the project in any way, or if you need further information, please contact me at:


Thank you for your support and for giving hope to the children of South Africa.


Warm regards,



Lisa Gustinelli, M.Ed

Director of Instructional Technology

St. Thomas Aquinas HighSchool

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


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