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To bring learning through technology to the children and adults who do not have adequate access to education or technology in order to transform their lives in a positive way.

To empower children through educational opportunity.

This is the mission statement I started with when I decided to create the project Madagascar in My Heart.


When I made the short video about my experience in  Toliara ( click on “About this Project”-above), it was the first time I expressed and conveyed my dream to bring technology to children thousands of miles away. From this short video came a plan that would develop into something beyond my wildest dreams. A plan that would implement the beginning of a change in the lives of Malagasy children.
I traveled to Madagascar in the Spring of 2011 with I Want To Learn English (IWLE) and was deeply touched by what I saw and experienced. In the remote village of Tulear, the Malagasy people were living in extreme poverty yet were visibly thankful for even the smallest things in their lives. When I returned to Florida, I couldn’t get Madagascar out of my mind…or my heart and felt compelled to return.

indiaAfter working in international business at the beginning of my career, I chose to pursue a Masters Degree in Education and have been teaching for 21 years. I’m lucky enough to work with children and give them learning opportunities every day, but the children I teach here have opportunities that now are unimaginable for a Malagasy child. It is my belief that technology will be the equalizer in education. It’s a chance for all children to have unlimited access to knowledge. It is my hope that in creating this program I can share my knowledge and experience in a way that will enrich the lives of the Malagasy children. 

* Thank you for your support. As Director of Instructional Technology of a large high tech high school, I see daily the benefits of student centered personalized learning through available technologies provided in the education field by apple and Google.I have been able to expand my reach to the African continent where I dedicated a lab  (in Mandela Village, South Africa in May of 2014), to my father; Frank Nigara. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support this project and thank God every day for his many blessings.

With much love in my heart,



Julien Gustinelli joins our team!!!!


Julien holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in Washington, D.C. During his time as an undergraduate, Julien studied abroad in Japan, taught English as a second language, and worked with various organizations to promote cross-cultural communications and development, including the Embassy of Afghanistan in Japan and the non-profit, Roots of Development. Drawing on these experiences and a desire to pursue a career in teaching and development, Julien joined our team in July and is currently working with Lisa to implement new English teaching curriculum for our Malagasy instructors. He will be making his first trip to Madagascar with us this July!

Besides International Relations, Julien is also interested in reading, writing and nature. He was recently nominated for the Peace Corps this past March and is pusuing his love of writing as a copywriter for a Delray Beach publishing company.

Jules 50


 Deborah Sewell is currently working as a teacher at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She has a B.A and a B.ED from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario and is working on completing her Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision at the University of Phoenix on line.

Most currently, Deborah has been the Director of English as a Second Language Summer Learning at Appleby College. She wrote, administered and directed the summer program for two years. This program involves six hours of ESL teaching during the day, after school program and evening and weekend activities suited to language learning. Designing, implementing and reworking programming is one of her areas of interest and expertise.

Deb and Lisa have worked together as representatives for Round Square International and have traveled on service projects with students to the US, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand. The Madagascar project will be their first collaborative effort.








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